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A great anniversary offer from Branoo.com and CEO’s message

On the eve of first anniversary Branoo.com brings you “Happy Sale Day” on 1st September, 2015. Some jaw dropping and unbelievable discounts are offered for a single day. This is the first in Bangladesh an eCommerce site is coming up with such unbelievable discounts. Upto 35% (yes, you heard it right) off on selected products and the offer will be only for one day till the stock lasts. So be prepared on 1st September from 10 AM to grab the opportunity. The discount is based on the category and we are offering some mouth watering discounts in all the categories –

30% discounts on Perfumes and Books
20% discounts in Cosmetics and Sharees
35% discounts in Watch, Designer Dresses and Jewellery

Regarding our First Anniversary Our CEO wants to convey his heartiest gratitude and message to all our Customers, Stakeholders, Employees and well wishers. Here is what he wants to say –

Dear All,

It is my pleasure to come infront of you after one year of our pleasant journey. 1st September, 2014 we have launched branoo.com with very limited space. At that time we have only one product category with 300 different products. But within one year, we have 7 major categories with hundreds of sub categories with more than 11,000 satisfied customer. This was not possible without your support and great love.

People sometime blame us, why we are not giving you any discount. Our reason is very simple, we always try to keep the best price for you. When our purchase price become low, our system automatically make the price low and vice versa also true.

Branoo-Discount-1But this time we are planning to give you a great discount up to 35% just for one day (1st September, 2015). I hope this day will be our big “Happy Sale Day” for you.

I know all of you are curious to know what is coming next. In simple word – we are working on lots of things to bring for you.

First of all Books, we have established our dhaka office only to manage books for you with very discounted price. Huge amount of books will be available for you and our Dhaka Team is working continuously to make it success.

Member loyalty card (rewards) is coming soon. I know lots of our customer come regularly to do shop with us. We care for them and that is why we are bringing loyalty card to give them benefit on every purchase.

আরও পড়ুনঃ ব্র্যানো ডটকম এবং এরামেক্স কুরিয়ার সার্ভিস এর মধ্যে ব্যবসায়িক চুক্তি সই

Mobile Apps is almost ready to launch. 75% our our customer are using our site through their mobile, so to make our customers life easier, we are developing mobile apps. User interface and architecture of the system is simply marvelous and i hope this will meet our customer needs. As of now we are testing the system for performance, as soon as it will satisfy us, we will make it public for you.

We have started delivering our products to 64 different countries. We are trying to focus on local product in terms of exporting and our marketing campaign for foreign countries is already started.

I am very much thankful to Ecommerce Association of Bangladesh to give us continuous support and help us to get rid of different difficulties.

Research Centre, It may sound crazy but we have established a small research team to do research on Technologies for eCommerce, Market Study and User behaviour. And more importantly this information will not be kept private only for us, we will publish it in our blog and media to help other. Few days back we have published an infographic which was the part of the research. Recently we are working on Artificial Intelligence and trying to implement it on eCommerce. (I am sure, you’re already convinced that we are mad guys 🙂

We are trying to improve affiliate market of bangladesh, I think we are the only ecommerce company in bangladesh who has affiliate models. Every wednesday night we do skype chat with affiliate marketers and help them to improve on their field. If you are interested, you can join with us too.

At this moment i want to show my gratitude to some people who has supported us and given us great inspiration from time time during the last one year of our journey.

I am very much thankful to Ecommerce Association of Bangladesh to give us continuous support and help us to get rid of different difficulties. I know mentioning everyone’s names is a tough task but one name which I really need to mention is Mr. Razib Ahmed. He has really been a great admirer of Branoo.com and has inspired us from time to time and helped us in several ways.

Branoo-Discount-2I would like to thank BASIS for helping us in participating in the Digital world – 2015 and special thanks to Mr. Shameem Ahsan for his support and advice for Branoo.

I am thankful to all online news/media to publish our news infront of everyone. Mentioning their neverending list of names will be a tough job for me. I also like to thank to all our stakeholders starting from our delivery company for their hard work and smiley behave with customer to our exclusive suppliers, who are showing their full  trust on me, the Marketing concern who are are working tirelessly to make Branoo a household name in eCommerce. I am thankful to our great team for their restless work to make the company better.

And finally i am great great thankful to all our customer for their love and belief in us. We will always try to maintain our great quality for you.

Sorry for this big write up. Hope to come again with some good news.

Rajib Roy
CEO, Branoo

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