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E-Commerce | 7 Misconceptions and Reality

People, who are doing e-commerce business and promoting themselves as online marketer, have misconceptions regarding e-commerce business, product promotion, product advertising, website design for product display, website traffic increment etc. To maintain a balanced commerce system for online store these misconceptions create unwanted monetary losses. We have to find out the actual reality against these misconceptions regarding e-commerce business that is appropriate for present socio-economic conditions of our country.

Want to be familiar with some misconceptions?

Let’s check out whether you have any misconception mentioned below.

Only Facebook Page Can Drive More Customers

facebook-PageReality:  Do you really think only facebook can help you out to survive as a competitor in online business? If you think so then it is quite wrong concept you are growing in yourself. Browse more and search more, find out the international online stores. Follow them. Try to understand how they invite customers through product promoting, which platform they are using except facebook. You will find your own way. The reality is only a facebook page having a lot of fans can not make an online business successful.

Only Facebook sharing will increase customers

facebook shareReality: Another wrong idea for growing business owners is product selling through facebook sharing. Only facebook sharing can reach the people you have in your friend list. But do you want to sell your product towards the people surrounding? If you answer is NO then you have to create more innovative textual posts, visual posts, critical idea sharing post, analytical post to get connected with your customers. You have to take feedback against each and every product you deal with.

Paid advertisement causes waste of real moneyadvertisement causes waste of real money

Reality: There is a controversy among us. We want do profit a lot but don’t want to invest a little. To get customers, from another part of the world, all online business should have the way of getting more people beyond the locality. Facebook gives such opportunity to reach each corner of the world who need your product. So, why you should ignore such opportunity? Let’s try once the paid campaign supported by facebook. You will find the real picture.

Design a Website Costs Excess Budget

Web design costReality: Website is the only platform where you can upload all your products serially like a real super shop. So, in facebook you can share only single product but in a website it is possible to upload more and more product list with attractive images. Choosing a nice template, nice color combination, nice posting will definitely bring you a increased profit of your business.

Don’t need product review only product image will work better

Product review is importantReality: An image can not express the overall specifications of a product. It brings the real picture but not the actual information that should be towards customer. So text based product review will depict the real picture of product outlook as long as the ingredients inside that product. Think twice !!

Don’t need SEO for online store

SEO Search Engine OptimizationReality: SEO is the only way to represent your product towards Google, who brings your product from your website to the real customer who actually need it. So, to make Google happy you have to do proper SEO of your product website, the online store of your business. Text based product review will help a lot in this case.

Facebook is the only social media marketing platform

Many Marketing platformsReality: We, the people of sub-continent, are the maximum number of facebook users. But the people from other countries use Tumblr, Stumbleupon, Myspace, Twitter, Pinterest etc. social media platforms. If you are confident about your product quality you should definitely look for international customers. So, try other social media marketing strategies except facebook.[td_smart_list_end]

End of the day, business is yours, you have to overcome any kind of misguidance, any kind of wrong concept that hinder your gross profit. Find out your misconceptions, take advice from experts, wipe out all the misguidance and maximize your online business profit.

Happy Your Business !, Happy Your Customer !!, Happy E-Commerce !!!

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