Why You Should Choose UX as Career?

Kathryn Madden who is an urban planner by profession has the belief of changing the future world with the blessings of design and its applications. It is the UX job which can reshape the future with the help of designer skillsets and concepts. No matter, whatever the application is only the user friendly design can ensure the best uses of that application.

“As a designer or planner, you have such a big hand in shaping the future” Kathryn Madden, An Urban Planner.

Annie Favreau is a Content Strategist who has analyzed and arranged the best 7 designing and planning jobs. UX is one of them. According to her research the growth rate of UX job is about 30% and the most appealing news is the UX job average salary is $90,000 which is simply amazing.

“User experience has caught on so much, both as something that people enjoy doing and something that is more and more widely recognized as being valuable to a growing number of companies,” said user experience designer Louisa Armbrust.

What is UX

UX stands for User Experience. UX is completely related to design. The better design, the better UX. All over the world, all the designers are designing same thing with the different approaches. These are differed from their concepts variations and ways of implementations. Undoubtedly, all these approaches are performed to ensure the user friendly application of system.

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UX vs. UI

Despite being designers most of them are feeling confused about the UX and UI concepts. Let’s think about the differences of UX and UI. UX task is directly related to the product designing and experience as well. The whole UX process requires not only designing but also the structured understanding of sociology, psychology and the solution of user end problems. A UX designer should have known the interaction design, prototyping, research on user comfort, content strategy, and architecture of available resources. Literally UI is a vital part of UX. UI designers play a significant role by designing the wireframing. It includes the layout design, strategy of interaction.

Why UX as Career

1. Opportunities to Know Usability Analysis
UX job offers the real environment for usability analysis. It helps to learn user mind and implement them in the real applications.

2. Opportunities to Know Interactive Design
While mastering the whole flow as UX designer, one of the most significant tasks is interactive design. Without this design skill it is not possible to give better UX platform.

3. Opportunities to Know Visual Design
UX job helps to grow the visual design aspects with the parallel idea generations.

4. Opportunities to Know Information Architect
Before implement a design it is necessary to get all information alongside the data. Architecture formation is must before implement any design for the users. UX creates the path to know details about information architecture.

5. Opportunities to Do User Research
UX skills grows up exponentially with the convenient user research. This research helps to find out the exact market for specific product.

6. Opportunity to Make Influences on Users
The more strong design, the more effects on users who would use the product.

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7. Available Design Tools
Learning UX design is fun because all the tools are available to design the dream product.

8. Most Emerging Skillset Required
While mastering UX job requirements most emerging skills are getting controlled by the designer like programming, design tool handling, web applications implementations etc.

9. Magic Making Option
Sometimes it works like a magic and the UX designer does the role of magician. A UX designer can create the atmosphere to motivate a user to the highest pick.

10. Content Strategy
Most important and gaining option is content strategy. A proper content strategy ensures the proper combination of all the contents available and their highest utilizations for the users.


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